2nd graders

in conclusion.

Romania is looking at 5 more years of Basescu and an even lower opinion of their country's political system after the conclusion of the recent elections.
Supporters on both sides speculate about vote-stealings, which would theoretically even out the two parties, if both groups stole an equal number of votes. The Economist even commented that the "The campaign was exceptionally dirty." As Christmas approaches and my fellow teachers are more concerned about the extra week of unpaid vacation they are receiving as a "gift" from the government's struggling budget, talk has died down about the election results.
And life keeps happening.


and the next president will be...

Today is the second and final day for Romanian voters to decide their president for the next five years.
The first day of voting narrowed the pool of candidates (many) to two, and today was the decision day.The two candidates are
Basescu, who has been the president for the last five years
Geoana, formerly the foreign minister, and who many believe will bring stability

At 9 o'clock tonight, the exit polls from across the country were counted up and televised. I sat in the living room with Gabi and Ciprian.
One station said Geoana had 51.4%, while Basescu had 48.6% percent.
Another said they both had 50%.
Milica thinks Basescu doesn't have a chance anymore.
ne vedem.